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Close-Up & Stage Magic for Corporate and Private Events

Bob specializes in crafting unique and powerful moments of wonder for audiences at a variety of special events, ranging from weddings and house parties to corporate functions and banquets.  Whenever you want your event to be both entertaining and memorable, you can trust Bob to give your guests a truly magical experience.


TYPES OF MATERIAL Bob’s style of presentation is a unique blend of the theatrical and the conversational. He likes to combine his intellectual curiosity with his sense of humor to communicate directly with his audiences. Particularly in a close-up setting, Bob allows the audience to participate in setting the pace of his performance and help in the creation of an experience that is as unique as the people attending your event. While stage magic presentations by their very nature cannot be as flexible as the close-up performances, audience participation remains a staple of every show. Bob strives to make every show thought-provoking yet still entertaining and accessible to all audience members.

CLOSE-UP MAGIC While most people have some experience seeing magic on television, or grand illusion on a stage in Las Vegas, few audiences have had the pleasure of seeing the impossible take place right under their noses, and often in their own hands. Bob specializes in creating moments of wonder for intimate audiences. Instead of standing on a stage, he will work his way around the room, performing feats of magic for small groups of individuals. Either strolling from table to table or mingling with guests at a cocktail party, Bob will amaze audiences. When the magic happens in their own hands, your guests will be left with an experience they’ll never forget.

STAND-UP/STAGE MAGIC This isn’t your stereotypical magic show. You won’t see white tigers or flashy boxes here. Instead, your audience will see Bob’s unique and mind-blowing presentations, combining amazing magic, eccentric humor, and thought-provoking mysteries. To add to the magic of the experience, audience members will often be invited to participate, either on stage or from their seats, in the creation of their own magical moments. Objects will appear and disappear, minds will be read, and much more.

MIXED SHOWS If you desire the intimacy of a close-up performance but also need someone to stand on stage, Bob will be more than happy to accommodate with a mixed show. The stand-up or stage portion in such a scenario is typically on the shorter side but features much of the same jaw-dropping magic as the full stage show and is either preceded or followed by close-up performances at your guests’ tables. This type of program is recommended for events that will run longer, so that no one will be forced to miss out on the close-up portion of the event.

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CUSTOMIZATION While the standard shows are appropriate for the vast majority of audiences and performance settings, Bob prides himself in his ability to customize his performance to meet your needs. He realizes that your unique situation may require something different from his standard show, and is happy to accommodate to the best of his ability. The most common alterations are simply changes to the running time of a show. In his strolling work, Bob is happy to perform for as long or short a time as is needed. While stage presentations are somewhat less flexible than close-up, he will gladly make whatever alterations he can. If you need presentations scripted around certain ideas or events, Bob is happy to oblige. For instance, at a wedding, he may use a romantic presentation; at a corporate event, he may incorporate elements of the client’s corporate identity. Additionally, he is willing and able to accommodate large-scale fully customized events given sufficient notice. Just describe your particular needs, and Bob will work with you to come up with an end result that is truly magical and memorable for all of your guests.

SPECIALTY SHOWS In addition to the standard close-up and stage shows, Bob offers a selection of specialty shows for those clients looking for something a little bit different. These shows are less customizable than the standard shows and may not be suitable for all audiences or venues, but still feature the same amazing magic. These specialty shows include a history of magic, a theatrical recreation of a Victorian séance, and more. If you’re looking for something extra special, inquire about Bob’s current offerings.

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