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Why should I hire a magician for my event? For precisely the same reason you would hire any entertainer for your event! Whether you’re hosting an important business function or a casual cocktail party for some friends, you want your guests to have a good time, and you want them to remember your event for years to come. Any entertainer, if he or she is any good, will do exactly what their title suggests: they will entertain your guests. However, Bob personally believes that magic is unique in its ability to create truly memorable moments. The astonishment your guests will experience when they see the impossible happen will generate conversation, fascination, and lasting memories.

Is Bob available to perform for children at my event? Absolutely! While the bulk of the magic Bob performs is written for a sophisticated adult audience, he certainly won’t leave any children at your event feeling left out. He does ask to be informed if children will be present when he is booked, however, so that he can be sure to bring age-appropriate material.

What if Bob is ill or something happens and he can’t make it to our event? This is a legitimate worry for many people, but you can put your mind at ease. To date, Bob has never missed even one show due to illness or for any other reason. If booked to perform at your event, he considers it his highest priority to entertain your guests. However, if the unforeseen should occur, he is prepared (if you so desire) to make every attempt to secure another high-quality performer for your event.

Will Bob just try to “fool” my guests or make them look stupid? Not at all! While deception is a necessary component of a successful magic trick, Bob’s style of performance is conversational and non-confrontational. Rather than “fooling” people, he is interested in sharing something magical with them.

Does Bob give magic lessons? At this time, Bob doesn’t have any formal program for magic education. However, if you’re seriously interested in learning magic, you should feel free to contact him with any questions and he will gladly advise you to the best of his ability.

I saw [insert famous magician here] do a trick where he [insert trick here] on television. Can Bob do that? There’s a very good chance that he can, but there’s a much smaller chance that he will. Though he knows how most tricks are done, and does include a few classic tricks in his repertoire, he performs a show of his own design. Furthermore, many of these tricks are the intellectual property of the magicians who created them, and Bob would consider it an ethical breach to perform them. Instead, your audience will see magic they’ve never seen anywhere else.

I have special needs for my event. Can Bob structure his act around those? Within reason, yes. Bob prides himself in his flexibility and ability to work with his clients to create the event that they desire. Some requests are quite easy to accommodate. For instance, if performing at a wedding reception, Bob has several magical effects specifically designed for just such a romantic occasion; if he’s performing at a corporate product launch, he’s usually able to incorporate the featured product into the magic. More specialized requests must be considered on a case-by-case basis. Given sufficient notice, he’s happy to do anything he can. The best thing to do is give him a call or send him an e-mail, describe what it is that you need, and he will be able to tell you if it is something he’s able to do.

What events are appropriate to hire a magician for? It would be shorter to list the events it is not appropriate to hire a magician for! Magic is great for cocktail parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, holiday parties, dinner parties, you name it. If it’s an event at which you want your guests to have fun, magic is a great fit. Bob even has a few specialty shows designed for people who want a one-of-a-kind experience at small intimate gatherings.

I’m going to be present at an event where Bob will be performing. Can we set up something special beforehand? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Bob does not like to use “stooges” in his performances and prefers to perform his magic without complicated agreements with the guests. However, he will make an exception under certain extraordinary circumstances. For example, if you’re going to propose to your girlfriend and would like to add some extra magic to the moment, or if you want a VIP at your event to be featured in the show, Bob will be happy to help. Just give him a call or send an e-mail and he will gladly discuss the specifics. He may or may not be able to accommodate your request, but will do what he can.

Will any part of Bob’s show be offensive? Generally not. Bob tries to make all of his shows mind-twisting and intellectually stimulating but not offensive to general audiences. He’s interested in trying to make sure that everyone present has a good time. He does offer some very specific shows which include edgier subject matter, but these are only ever performed for audiences who have specifically requested that kind of material.

Is any part of the show dangerous? This is a question that’s been surfacing more and more with the advent of the Internet. People now have access to videos wherein magicians make a mistake, something goes horribly wrong, and someone gets hurt. In the worst examples, it is unfortunately an innocent member of the audience who suffers. Rest assured, your guests will never be in any danger. Sometimes during his act, Bob may perform an effect that appears dangerous, but he views any element of real danger during a show to be unethical. At no point in time during any of his shows is anyone in any danger whatsoever.

Does Bob use fire in his shows? On rare occasions, Bob makes use of small flashes of fire, but always in an extremely safe and controlled manner. He is professionally trained to handle and perform all of his material safely. If this is not something you desire, he is happy to accommodate and leave fire out of any performance at which the hosts or venue do not want it. While he feels it can occasionally add a certain je ne sais quoi to the magic, it is by no means a necessary component of the show.

How much does a show cost? Because every show is different, there is no single price that could account for all of the variables. If you contact Bob with the details of your own event, he'll be better equipped to discuss pricing.

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